Our wines

Producing a good wine starts in the vineyard as we know and that is why we take a lot of care about it by means of traditional operations such as pruning in green, blunting, as well as elimination of bunches when the load grows too big and much more to improve the performance of the vines, contributing to better quality grapes.





To succeed in making a good wine also requires to foster the vineyard. And by the time of the harvest, we move our focus on taking care of all the details of it; manual selection of the bunches to be vinified, control of the ideal temperature of elaboration as well as the continuous control of the must during its fermentation process and much more of course.





Bodega Vinos Malaga Sanchez Rosado Wines Red White Rosado Vins de la Terre de Malaga_Our privileged situation, at an altitude of 300 meter, between the Guadalhorce Valley and the southern face of the Sierra Llana, by which the breezes from the east of the Mediterranean Sea are entering that provide the necessary supply of humidity for the vineyard so that the grapes will get the scarce but sufficient supply of water, enough to obtain quality grapes from the different varieties planted. It is not a surprise that the Romans already selected these grounds 2000 years ago to plant their vineyards and make their wine.





And our land is poor, calcareous and clay-loamy, which helps for the vineyard to find conditions, remarkably suitable for its cultivation. This, together with the competences of our enologist and the support of all our team, makes that we can realize wines as special as our Tinto Crianza Cártima Siglo XXI and our Moscatel seco Roble 2020 Cártima Siglo XXI and the Rosado 2018 Cártima Siglo XXI.




Cártima Siglo XXI CRIANZA 2017: Denominación de Origen SIERRAS DE MÁLAGA
WineFull body wine, aged over lees and for 12 months in barrels of French oak.
Varieties: merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah
Visual phase: garnet red color, tile color trims, clean
Olfactory phase: good aromatic intensity, notes of balsamic, coffee, chocolate and back fruit. Also notes of noble wood.
Gustatory phase: ligth entry with structured mouth passing, medium astringency, medium-high acidity, notes of mature black fruit, long, persistent, maintains aging roast aromas.

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Cártima Siglo XXI MOSCATEL SECO ROBLE 2020: Denominación de Origen SIERRAS DE MÁLAGA
Wine: dry white wine aged over lees for 3 months and partially in barrels of French oak also for
       3 months.
Variety: 100% moscatel de Málaga – harvest 2020
Visual phase: straw yellow color, clean, brillant, greenish reflections, legs with certain density.
Olfactory phase: medium-high intensity, fresh aromas of fruit, citrus, pear and honey.
Gustatory phase: dry wine, fresh, light entry with medium acidity, aroma retronasal marked by the moscatel variety, long, at the end slightly bitter, persistent, complex.

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Vino rosado bodegas Malaga Sanchez RosadoRosé Cartima Siglo XXI – 2018

Denominación de Origen: SIERRAS DE MALAGA
Mono variety wine, aged over lees during 3 months.
Varieties: 100% Syrah
Visual phase: strawberry pink, clean with some violet reflections, slightly dense.
Olfactory phase: aromatic, flower and red fruit typical for the variety, fresh, aromatic complexity for ageing “over lees”.
Gustatory phase: dry wine, easy to drink, saline and with a pleasant acidity that gives it freshness. long, persistent in the mouth, warm finish. Complex, ample and with character.
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